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Meditation Workshops
Nutrition Workshops

We offer specialized meditation & fitness taught mostly by professional dancers with formal training backgrounds for individuals looking to lose weight, improve their posture, and gain a heightened understanding of their bodies applying corrective habits to their routine lifestyle. We offer workshops and partner with other wellness providers/studios to connect you to the right practitioners. 

We also hold workshops on healthy eating habits  & self-care!

Good nutrition is fuel for the body and increases optimal brain & energy function!

Upcoming Events

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Spa Parties

Host the ultimate ladies or guys night (guys too need their relaxations), yacht party, wedding shower, baby shower, birthday bash, house warming, whatever the occasion; Obsidian Wellness Collective can do the job and give you pristine world class service and professionalism from the planning time to the event completion.


Our massage parties can cater parties as intimate as 3- 5 people, or as large as 20+. The larger your group, the more you save on price per hour per provider used. Our professionals come in and set up their tables, or chairs as requested, providing sheets , oils and other products if necessary (even down to a color theme if you wanted) as guests take advantage of our delightfully therapeutic services.

tell us your budget and we will accommodate it.


Tell Us Your Vision!

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Reserve a date, select a venue, send out your invites and we’ll do the rest! Not only will we do our part in making your guests feel refreshed and balanced from their wellness experience, but we can work with your event planner or outsource to trusted vendors for catering, hair and nails tech, makeup artists and more.

Corporate Wellness

Looking to do something special for your employees? Want to welcome your clients and show your appreciation? We can assist with that!

Ideal for all types of corporate events such as business conventions, appreciation days, or just quarterly pampering for your employees or clients, we can cater to those needs.

While some jobs may be more stressful than others, stress and tension are certain to accompany any job position in some fashion, and massage is a great way to manage that. 

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Benefits and advantages of corporate wellness:

  • Reduction of stress at the work place

  • Increased productivity at the work place

  • Positive work environment

 A happy employee means happy customers, resulting in higher job retentions, returning customers,  and overall more income revenue for your company.


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