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Jonathan Douglas


My love of motion directs my approach to bodywork. My background as an athlete in several sports, along with my training in multiple massage modalities, gives me a deep understanding of movement and the human body. This knowledge enables me to make an assessment and troubleshoot your issues, then customize the session specifically for you, efficiently treating you using the appropriate techniques needed. I integrate modalities to provide a session that reduces tension, relieves pain or dysfunction by correcting specific tension patterns, releasing restrictions, and increasing flexibility to achieve normal function. 


Healing does not have to be painful; my goal is to make your session as therapeutic and relaxing as possible, calming the nervous system in order to facilitate your body's natural healing processes. 

Some of the techniques used are Swedish massage, Thai Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Fascial Release, Position Release Techniques, and Muscle Energy Techniques, such as Active Isolated Stretching plus mobility drills and corrective exercises when necessary.

Sessions can be done through clothing. My preference would be for you to wear comfy, stretchy short shorts to your appointment, to accommodate the wide variety of techniques I may use.

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