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Spa Parties: What to Expect from Us

We look forward to giving you the best and smoothest experience possible. here are some things you and your guests must know and expect from us!

Our therapists Arrival Details

Expect our OWC massage therapists & wellness practitioners to arrive 15-30 minutes early to set up for an on time start. and expect a 10 to 15 minute breakdown period after all the treatments have been completed.

Also expect that our practitioners will make sure to clean any areas and surfaces they used to perform the treatments requested, leaving the place exactly as they found it and leaving you with less cleaning headache. 


Your Session Time

All guests must be ready for their service appointments. Any guest starting late or having the practitioner wait beyond the intended appointment start time, may have their time shortened to maintain the integrity of the schedule and will not be issued any discount for shortened time. All services booked will remain priced the same as agreed.

Eating & Massage, Important to know!

We encourage little to no food before the session to have the best experience. Eating heavy, will make the session less enjoyable as you will be laying on your belly during the session, which will be uncomfortable. We suggest very light bites, such as fruit and tea, or medium size meals 1-3 hours before, if you must have something prior.

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Travel Radius & Parking

Our 20% "Travel Service" calculated into our service rates is not a gratuity, it is part of the admin and travel costs associated for arriving to your location. Any services rendered outside of our practitioners' radius does incur a $13.75 overage charge every 5 miles over our 25 mile radius covered in the initial Travel Service charge per therapist.


This overage cost can be split equally among the entire group to make it more affordable.


Parking: allow clear access to parking on site for our therapists to easily offload their equipment and save time. Any valet, street or garage parking fees acquired are separate from our services and must be covered by the client.   

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We do encourage gratuities to your practitioners after their performance. We often give  an option to prepay the gratuity in the invoice for your convenience or pay it directly to the practitioner who served you in the form of cash or any of the trusted 3rd party apps, following the completion of your treatment if you choose.

Most popular tip recommendations range from 15%-25%  (this is at your sole discretion)

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Our Booking Policy and Cancellations

We know things happen and we want everyone to have the best experiences possible. 

During your event, if your group is larger than 5 people, we normally have a sign-in sheet and digital waiver that must be signed by each guest prior to treatment with us. Completing the sign-in process in advance or streamlining it at the event enhances efficiency. For smaller groups we send our individual client intake form/ waiver. Everyone's information is securely protected and compliant with HIPAA regulations. We only share your information with your written consent. If you are looking to organize a wellness/ spa party event with  us please read our Booking & Cancellation Policy.  

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